De Leon Springs State Park 04/14/17

Friday we went to De Leon Springs State Park in DeLeon Springs, FL after my little man got home from school. It was a gorgeous day and I figured if he wasn’t up for the cold spring water they also have:

  • Monkey Island trail
  • Playground
  • A longer 4.2 mile Wild Persimmon trail
  • A sugar mill pancake house
  • kayak rentals
  • A free launch

He did want to get in the water so that’s where we spent most of our time and he had a lot of fun playing with a random pool noodle that no one was claiming. The water was much more clear than when I went in January, it also wasn’t crowded and it’s been like that all three times i’ve been. Eventually he got out the water…. probably for his PB&J sandwich and I got his dry clothes on so we could walk to see Methuselah, a 600 yr old Cypress tree. I thought the boardwalk to the tree was much more scenic than the actual tree itself personally. We also went on the Monkey Island trail. Hopefully they do some kind of sign work or something because it is a bit confusing with an area near the beginning that looks like it branches off into a trail with just an old wooden post but then the trail stops so we had to backtrack. I have started the Wild Persimmon trail on my own before but due to time constraints, didn’t finish. I know my son would like it (it has short boardwalks and I think kids would look at them as fun obstacles) so I’m going to try getting him on that trail next time.


Not bad at all ! I would say it is highly accessible. With a chair lift So people in wheelchairs (just one example) can be placed in the chair and lowered into the water to enjoy the beautiful spring water as well. The main walkways are paved and there is a long paved trail as well as the boardwalk trail leading to the  600 year old tree. These are important to note because many parks do not provide these things so when they do I know it makes a huge difference for those that require them.

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