Alexander Springs

First thing I have to comment on is the staff at Alexander Springs in Ocala National Forest, I think they are incredible. They are so so kind and friendly, just good-hearted people. We have been here twice and experienced the same both times. I will always appreciate kind people.

Example of friendly and kind: My son is having a meltdown because he is exhausted and confused with my unusually unorganized method of packing up so he is crying and whining the whole time i’m trying to pack up. I am also trying to console him, with no luck. A man that works there came over with his golf cart and asked if I wanted him to drive our stuff up. And he joked with my son “now that’s not a very nice noise” which made me laugh because no it’s not lol. While he was helping get our stuff on the back my son jumped in the driver’s seat and then the man offers to drive us up. He was asking my son if he saw any alligators or turtles and I informed him that he is nonverbal. Then he got to talking about how he watched a video of a nonverbal kid on youtube that sung the little mermaid and I told him how ironic that is because my own nonverbal kid forces me to listen to the soundtrack daily. (: He loves Ariel.

So, we came here and I was determined to paddle board so as I inflated our board he played in the spring (i’ll do a post about my board next). Last time we went I didn’t own a board and we went on the trail(s). This time we really only had time to paddle out a bit and come back in. Paddling !!! It was beautiful, seriously…go, now ! I was in awe. I thought it was going to fade into regular lake water eventually but it was clear the whole time we were out paddling. And we did an hour both ways so maybe 1-2 miles ? There were so many fish and turtles but, I didn’t see any alligators..thankfully. We were late packing up and leaving, however we were not given a hard time about it at all.

This is a recreation site, not a state park.

  • Camping
  • canoeing, kayaking, rental, and free launch with entrance fee
  • trails
  • concession
  • picnic tables
  • grills
  • Segments of the florida trail run through as well
  • showers


This is also an accessible spot, to an extent. They have sidewalks leading down to the spring but, right before it is a sand area. There are steps leading down into the springs as well. One of the trails is a boardwalk trail with T-docks and benches.


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