Welaka State Forest

Loved this spot and will be going back, likely soon. We went to Welaka State Forest and took the Mud Spring trailhead to Mud Springs. Not a long hike at all, about a mile to the spring and it is definitely an easy one. The trail has benches along the way (:

It is a loop trail but you could always just retrace your steps and go the way you came as well when you leave the spring. Unfortunately I didn’t know you could get in so we did not come prepared to do so, there were already three kids in there and they hadn’t gotten eaten so I assumed it was safe 😛 Next time we will go more prepared and i’ll hop in with him.

There are primitive camping sites in this state forest of course, at Orange Point and John’s Landing. The shorter route would be taking the John’s Landing trailhead. I plan on taking us camping soon so I am going to look into this spot as well as others. Location is important, I want to be near water so we can go paddle boarding as well as hiking.



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