Our paddle board

We got our board just a few months ago after I spent over a year thinking it over. It’s an inflatable, I am surprised how many people don’t know they exist. Often times i’ll offer to let someone stand on it if they want; one time a little boy thought it was pretty cool that it was like he was surfing. Definitely has been a conversation starter and a few strangers have taken pictures and text them to me when we got back to shore.

Tribal Boards is the brand of our paddle board.


It’s a little over 11 feet long. We both fit great 🙂 We were taking a snack break here.

He loved it from the beginning, however initially he was on and off, would not stay on longer than 8 seconds…but he finally sat and let me paddle one evening. I think he realized how relaxing it is and understood what was going to happen when he actually stayed on so now we are able to paddle for around three hours.

He is always moving and this is the longest he will stay in one spot. He likes to splash with his feet and hands on the sides 90% of the time he is so happy and at peace.

The other 10%, yikes. Handling him getting upset while we are out can be tough depending on the reason. But it happens while we are paddling as well so I have three things at my disposal currently:

  1. food
  2. drinks
  3. music (The Little Mermaid Soundtrack or Moana are top choices)

The waterproof speaker I got is amazing: waterproof, sandproof, and made to be handled roughly. It has not only been a meltdown saver but has added so much fun to some of  our nights. I got mine from QVC for 2 speakers for the price of one.


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