Camping rant

I’ve been looking for places to camp like I said in an earlier post and I already have/had several nearby areas in mind that show primitive camping is allowed. So I go to my city’s parks and rec building to get information on permits and fees…they know nothing about county parks and direct me to someone else. I am told by them that the only primitive camping that can be done at these locations is “group camping” she kept using boy scouts as an example.

  • One of these places of interest is in connection with Haw Creek Preserve State Park
  • I can’t help but wonder how often, or not, these camping spots get used because they are limited  to group camping.
  • I also can’t help but wonder if the city knows it’s losing money to outside areas when people (me) would be just as satisfied camping locally at River To Sea Preserve or Haw Creek preserve
  • The woman that works there has not thoroughly read the park’s information because it does show both group and primitive at River to Sea. I will be calling back haha.

Both of those places are very nice and quiet. Hardly anyone ever there… River to Sea Preserve looks gorgeous at sunset i’m sure i’ll make a blog post on these as well.

…..When I go camping.


jk 😛


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