Shell Bluff Park/Shell Bluff boat launch

This was an amazing impromptu day paddling on the lake for the first time. I had initially planned to go to Welaka but he was freaking out because we took a different road than he was use to so I stopped here because I knew they had a playground and trail. We finished the trail and walked down to the boat launch and I knew immediately we had to walk back and drive over so we could go paddle boarding.

The benefits of having an inflatable board can be seen here for sure. Man, that day was so relaxing. The water was calm, the sun felt great. We paddled down this creek and I had to lay flat to go under the fallen tree. The first time I stepped over it (with care) while still on my board but that was a little too unsteady for my liking. Don’t wanna fall off in those waters lol. Just get some kind of gator vibe.

There was a missing man in the area that kept police in the park the 6 hours we were there. Not sure how that ended but I hope he was found safe.

A cop came up and told me if I see an older man to call 911, had me looking over my shoulder half the afternoon lmao.


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