Silver Glen Springs


I didn’t want to start with talking about those ice cream sandwich cookies buuut, I changed my mind. They are so delicious ! And I have been able to get one every time we’ve gone, the other springs close their stores really early during weekdays. We weekday spring-ers want to concession too..whatduhfunk.

So, Silver glen is absolutely beautiful and after paddling Alexander Springs I cannot wait to paddle silver glen. The water is so crystal clear, the most clear I have seen yet and the bright iceberg blue color. It is heaven, if you haven’t been…go ! The Yearling Trail is right across the road so if you hike like us try to get that in or Silver Glen has a long trail as well if you get stuck at the park.

-I will say we did 4.7 miles on the Yearling Trail total and made it to the sink hole…totally worth it. Little man wanted to go down but we were the only ones out there so that didn’t happen.

Silver Glen offers:

  • Convenience store
  • swimming
  • canoe rental
  • launch
  • Spring Boils Trail
  • Lake George Trail
  • picnic tables, grills, volleyball net

The lake george took us 3 hours to do when we hiked the whole trail so it is a decent hike. It has two look off points, don’t be fooled by the shallow area…it is not shore line. My son ran straight for it (as he typically does with large bodies of water) and found himself waist deep in mush the first time we went on that trail. He looked so scared and ran back faster than ever lol but his shoe got stuck on the way and there was no finding it.



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