Tomoka State Park

This park is pretty huge, lots of spaced out areas and some will have:

  • bathrooms
  • picnic tables
  • fishing
  • concession (where the boat launch and kayak/canoe rentals are)

another area down the way will have different amenities like:

  • pavilion
  • bathrooms
  • playground

This was our second time going and I really like the park a lot. There are many small beautiful scenic spots. I set up our tent just for practice while we spent the afternoon there. He played in the water with his boogie board and loved when boats came by because they made waves. Then we took our board out onto the river, we got carried away quick…it was a windy day but eventually we made it back. I have gained a ton of arm definition since owning a paddle board !

As we were packing up our stuff we brought down to shore something came up from the water while blowing water from it’s nose. I thought it was an alligator at the time…I have lived here 8 years and have only seen them basking in the sun, no water run ins and i’m okay with this. But, thinking about it now I may have spazzed out over a manatee… better safe than sorry (:

Some things the park offers are:

  • interpretive nature trail
  • Chief Timokie sculpture
  • fishing
  • Camping (pricey in my opinion – most expensive so far)
  • group camping
  • many creeks and rivers off the peninsula to canoe and kayak in
  • kayak/canoe rentals
  • Playground in the camping area


The park has a few accessible bathrooms and parking spots (one is located in the Nocoroco Point day use area where we were). I liked that spot, we got the picnic table to the left of the bathroom and there is a path that leads to the water on the opposite side of the bathroom. The sculpture is right there in that parking lot area as well. So definitely, if accessibility is a concern this day use area is most likely the best choice.

Their map view in the brochure is pixelated, if you go ask for the aerial view.


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