Month: May 2017

  I have been wanting to check these out for a while. I say “these” because there are two trails: Lake Eaton Sinkhole Trail and across the road is the Lake Eaton Trail. We only did the sinkhole was crazy hot and we had plans to meet up with a friend at Silver Glen […]

School is out now and we have already hit a super beautiful high note ! But, before I share that adventure, we made it to Blue Springs State Park just in time before school let out for summer. We went on a perfect day, it was after school and all of maybe 30 people over […]

  This past week I did the unthinkable and kept little man out of school to take him camping at Juniper Springs for his birthday. I don’t have anything weighing on my conscious so, I must have made a great decision šŸ˜€ I had everything we needed and I was so excited about that, I […]

Linear park is a city park in Palm Coast, FL. Although it isn’t one of the parks I typically talk about I think it is worth sharing because of the several recreational options that are offered. The park is really pretty and well maintained, i’m surprised more people haven’t been there the few times we […]

  We went toĀ Princess Place PreserveĀ last week and I knew we wouldn’t have a whole lot of time there because they close at 6PM year around, which left us with two hours give or take. If you decide to plan a visit here you definitely want to go early because of the early gate close […]

Because we spend more time in forests lately so it’s giving me its best haha. I have had two near death experiences at River To Sea Preserve beach the last two times I have gone. Okay, neither were near death but one did leave me a bloody mess and looks like I have been attacked […]

  We went to Hontoon Island State Park this past weekend for the second time, the first time was soon after hurricane matthew so I am glad I went back for another visit šŸ˜€ We had a rough start, the ferry over to the island takes six passengers and even though they had room for […]