Camping at Freak Creek !

I would definitely say this was 80% impromptu and 20% “just in case”. I found Freak Creek while looking up places to camp, this one is near 52/Bluff Landing – all of them are off of Alexander Springs. I wanted to check out both places on the way to Alexander Springs but brought what we had for camping just in case I felt good about staying at one of the spots. When we fiiiiinally got here… dirt roads make five bumpy miles seem like a thousand…I had both good and bad feelings about it. It is pretty trashed, i mean ridiculously so. But, I thought it was awesome that they put up a slide and had all the rope swings. My son was on that slide the whole time ! Even when we woke up the next morning he wanted his swim trunks on asap and was back going down it 😀

What I did not bring was my paddle board, we got there late-ish and I knew we wouldn’t have time to paddle at Alexander Springs. I kind of regret not bringing it because exploring further down the spring creek would have been really nice but it was our first time camping and that was a enough to take on for the night. We had hot turkey dogs and sandwiches for dinner, and after a tantrum because he couldn’t watch youtube videos about surprise toy unwrappings he fell asleep with the Moana soundtrack playing. I took  a moment to enjoy a beer from a man that had stopped to fish earlier. And it was still cold too, the little things in life…

I am going to be honest since I am an honest person. I was scared. It’s whatever…not a big deal. I didn’t get a lot of sleep lmao. And when I did, I had a lucid dream about people walking near our tent saying how they can tell it was recently put out and still felt hot. I could feel pressure on the bottom of my feet but couldn’t yell or sit up. When I could finally sit up no one was there *insert eye rolling emoji* People drove through but didn’t stop they were probably looking for a place to drink on a friday night, that would explain all the beer cans and boxes laying around.

You pass the Alexander Wilderness sign going back there, and there are all kinds of trails. I would love to check out the trails one day.

All in all – I would go back for trails and to spend the day paddling or him playing but I don’t think I want to go back to camp.


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