Kelly Park Rock Springs

Kelly Park Rock Springs or Kelly Park – not to be confused for Rock Springs Run State Reserve. We love this place, it was only our second time going because it is farther than the others (located in Apopka) but during the week both times we have gone it wasn’t crowded. The park is very big, lots of picnic space and grass to run around or lay out and read. There is a shallow area and that has been the most crowded because that’s where all the kids typically are. And if they have good parents… just saying haha…then that’s where the parents are as well. There is also a sandbox area before stepping into the shallow part of the spring and lots of kids will have their beach/sand toys with them.

Things that the park offers are:

  • Tubing
  • hiking, several trails to choose from
  • really nice playground
  • camping for RVs and tents
  • picnicking
  • they have picnic pavilions as well

There is also a convenience or concession area but it hasn’t been open either time we have gone. It only costs $3 for a vehicle of 1-2 people then $5 for 3-8.

If you’re in the area or have a weekday free i’d check it out, definitely (in my opinion of course) a place that you could spend all day at. Unfortunately they don’t allow tents or popups outside of the designated camping area, that would be nice.

There are several parks or state forests you might pass on the way: Wekiwa Springs State Park and Seminole State Forest, and Rock Springs Run State Preserve. We have only been to Seminole and I did like that one a lot. Wish we had the time to have gone further down the florida trail when we went but it’s on my list of places to consider camping.


Getting into the spring itself, not at all from what I was seeing…I would suggest someone needing assistance getting in to do so at the end of the tubing run. The trail leading there is all sidewalk as well 🙂 a lot of the park has sidewalk and concrete, steps are the issue. There are either steps or ladders to get into the spring.

Little shoutout to the woman working the pay booth that gave me a tampon my first time going to the park ❤


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