Thinkin’ the ocean feels betrayed

Because we spend more time in forests lately so it’s giving me its best haha.

I have had two near death experiences at River To Sea Preserve beach the last two times I have gone. Okay, neither were near death but one did leave me a bloody mess and looks like I have been attacked by Freddy Krueger 😦

The first incident happened probably a month ago now, which is why we have been spring hopping and I can’t complain about the exchange too much. There was a blue blown-up object floating in the water (describing it this way because I had no idea what it was at the time so if you do, shhh…don’t ruin it for the others), the waves were pushing it closer and closer while my son and a few other kids down the way were in the water. Although I didn’t know what it was I wanted to get it out of the water. It got close enough that I thought it looked like a jellyfish but I had never seen one look like that, so the naive side of me (which can be the more dominant one at times) thought it might be one of those rubber toys that just inflated due to the heat…even the tentacles were rubbery looking. Still, cautiously, I got my son’s boogie board and pushed it out of the water. All the while thinking to myself “No way, that can’t be a real jellyfish…no…what…”

*gets closer to push it further away from shore*

Still thinking to myself, “I need to take a picture of this and google it when I get home.”

Next thing I know, I’m wiping jelly off my toe and it’s stinging. Then burning. Then a spot on my finger is stinging. A detached tentacle of a Portuguese Man-O-War stung me. Didn’t leave any crazy marks which I should be thankful for because I have read that these sea creatures can be deadly but it definitely would make the pain and story a bit more exciting.


The next incident happened over a week ago, the one leaving me slashed and bloody. I had to do a quick son saving mission and was pushed against the coquina rocks that lined the shore under water. I didn’t even notice anything until we were both out of the water and I looked down and said “…wow”. Adrenaline does its job 🙂

Little man was fine, tiny cuts on a couple of toes…. he was back in the water before I got back to our things if that says anything.

This beach is gorgeous, I would have to say it’s our favorite. Coquina rocks line the shore in rows into the ocean which blocks off sections of the beach. During the summer you can find starfish or hermit crabs in the rocks. Lots of people go there to take photographs especially at sunset. I have also seen at least two wedding set ups there (:

Across the road from here is the Preserve that I spoke about camping at in a previous blog post. So, if you go to one then you can most definitely go to the other. Marineland Dolphin Adventure is right next door to the beach parking lot as well !


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