Linear Park

Linear park is a city park in Palm Coast, FL. Although it isn’t one of the parks I typically talk about I think it is worth sharing because of the several recreational options that are offered. The park is really pretty and well maintained, i’m surprised more people haven’t been there the few times we have been.

The playground is on the smaller side, two swings ( 1 for older kids and 1 for smaller ones), a rope tower, and the regular play area with slides and ladders. Small, but again… very well maintained. We went on the hiking trail a previous visit, easy walk and mostly shaded which is nice in this florida heat. This last time we walked the bike trail and of course those are always so much more fun, very hilly and he loved running up and down them. Probably did that trail 2-3 times 😛

They have:

  • bike maintenance stations, a lot of the parks in Palm Coast have those.
  • Kayak launch
  • hiking trails
  • biking trails
  • playground
  • pavilions with picnic tables
  • shuffleboard court
  • bocce court
  • The park is a designated Great Florida Birding Trail

There’s still an area in the park that we haven’t explored yet… it’s a decent size and I have seen people all ages there. Saw someone rollerblading as well 🙂


Depending on what you might be going for this park is definitely one I would consider accessible, there are sidewalks throughout most of it. Another great park not far from this one has several miles of paved walking trail-  Waterfront Park. We use to go there all the time, haven’t been since since a few days after Hurricane Matthew hit but I am sure it has been cleaned up and back to how it was before the hurricane. Very serene park, small playground but mostly people (older) go to walk or ride their bike.


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