ocala national forest

Lake Eaton Sinkhole Trail


I have been wanting to check these out for a while. I say “these” because there are two trails: Lake Eaton Sinkhole Trail and across the road is the Lake Eaton Trail. We only did the sinkhole trail..it was crazy hot and we had plans to meet up with a friend at Silver Glen Springs, also my phone was dead and I don’t like being out there without a phone. And we were way out there, had to take 20 minutes of dirt roads to get to the trail head… who knew something like this would be further into Ocala National Forest ?

I like that they made three different paths to the sinkhole, all different lengths. I let my son choose and he would choose the longest lmao. We took the .5 mile one back though. The trail is fairly narrow but not rugged, it is also covered very well. But when the Florida sun is out nothing can stop it, felt like I was melting. When we got to the sinkhole I was so in awe, at the signage and how well the steps and everything looked. The sinkhole was big, it’s always hard to get a picture depicting that though. I would say it’s worth going to if you’re in the area already, it’s 9-12 miles from Salt Springs, Silver Springs, and Silver Glen Springs.

I really really wanted to go on a day it was raining but get this…. walmart isn’t selling raincoats :O


I loved that the signs in the parking lot give information on the trails and accessibility, letting people know that it is not wheelchair accessible. Also what kind of terrain it is, the widths of the trails, how long to expect to be out on the hike…ect.



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