Clearwater Lake Recreation Pt. 2

Most everyone I spoke to had both been coming to Clearwater Lake for years and also said that it’s almost never busy. When we first arrived Memorial Day weekend just to use the day use on a Saturday I was curious and asked if they had any first come first serve sites available, the hosts told me there were still 6. I was really shocked as it was already 2:00 PM – that definitely makes me feel comfortable not having to reserve and tack on that extra $10.00. But, by the time Neill and Walter had gotten there they said they were all full which is why they shared Richard’s campsite. The ‘regulars’ said after Memorial Day weekend probably only 1-2 families will be there through the week and that it’s really quiet.

It wasn’t super crowded as far as those just there for day use either but everyone kept in the white sandy part of the lake which made it less roomy when more people came on Memorial Day. Not anxiety inducing, but there was noticeably more people for sure. We stayed until five and nothing ever got crazy like you’d think it might either.

Some things the recreation area offers are:

  • canoe rentals
  • swimming
  • nature trail
  • Florida Trail access
  • a bike trail
  • tent camping
  • RV camping
  • picnic tables
  • grills
  • fire rings
  • showers and bathrooms
  • fishing

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