Salt Springs Recreation

We went to Salt Springs Recreation Area for my 24th birthday, whoop whoop ! 😀

I believe it was the only major swimming spring we had not been to yet in Ocala National Forest, it’s the furthest away so I had held off. Kind of silly since it’s only like 12 minutes from Silver Glen Springs Recreation … who woulda thunk it ?!

It was my favorite kind of day to go visit a spring: a nice overcast with little to no wind and it drizzled off and on for a bit which was nice as well. The spring is very big so on those busy days it still can hold a lot of people. My luck seems to be sticking where springs are concerned, there was hardly anyone there, maybe 10 cars…we went on a Monday though. My son was practicing his swimming which he has been doing a lot lately ! I’m so proud of him, I think he’s picked up just by watching people and I know it won’t be long before he gets it down. I don’t know the first thing about teaching anyone how to swim 😦 you know the saying….”those who can’t do, teach?” Well, I can do and quite well so i’ll use that as my excuse haha. The deepest part is by the boils so after many attempts of trying to convince him to get in on that side of the spring I just put him in (while his life vest was on) and had him swim back to the steps with it on. Oh my goodness, watching the video of his little legs and arms under water is so adorable ! He did such a great job. I got him as comfortable on that side of the water as I could and then we made our way towards the boils; I just couldn’t leave without seeing them first.

Wow they are gorgeous and so many to look at and explore too. The rocks are very very slippery and he was nervous so I was holding him but I got a pretty good look around. I would love to go back one day and look around some more, it’s something I haven’t done yet. While we were there I kicked a blue crab when I was walking and it popped out of the sand, crabs scare me more than sharks I think so I got freaked out, I haven’t seen those in any of the other springs so that was really cool as well. I know that there is a nature trail there but we didn’t get around to seeing it and I have no idea where it’s located so hopefully next time 🙂

Things offered at Salt Springs:

  • camping
  • showers and bathrooms
  • Bear Swamp Trail
  • swimming
  • kayaking and canoeing
  • picnic tables
  • pavilions
  • boat launch
  • fishing
  • Salt Springs Observation Tower Trail (located outside of the park, we started that when we left but only made it 1/4 of the loop)
  • scuba diving and snorkeling


The walk ways are all paved so they are accessible. The steps aren’t too bad as far as algae and them being slippery, I don’t recall them being slippery at all really and both entrances have handrails. Just depends on the person’s mobility but I consider it accessible especially with the spring not being very deep. I wish I could comment on the trail inside the park however I know the one outside of the park is not accessible.



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