Lighthouse Point Park


We had the most blissful time at Lighthouse Point Park in Ponce Inlet. Wow ! So, the price to get in is steep, $10/car…however I have been craving to go back ever since and an annual pass is only $20. The lighthouse is not inside this park but it is nearby, so if you read TripAdvisor reviews they may be misleading because people are reviewing in the wrong place.

I have to mention gas prices there (this is how I know I’m an adult these days, some times it’s questionable) it’s $2.07 there and $2.28 here.

I check the weather using the accuweather app because it is extremely accurate. I just check in all my favorite cities to see what I might be able to plan for the day. It was raining here, and showing that it was cloudy there but not going to rain and since the water had been so nice the previous times we went to Ponce I went for it. So, i’m on the highway and it is pouring rain…continuously…I get anxiety driving (believe it or not) as it is so I’m talking myself into this… “No, this is going to be fine. The rain will be fine. If it’s raining oh well. Why is it raining…we are 15 minutes away?! It’s okay, we can swim in the rain.”

We get to the pay booth and it’s drizzling a good amount, my book bag got pretty wet (hindsight I could have used one of our dry bags that we take for paddle boarding). The guy was telling me if I want to turn around there’s a free spot where I can park on the beach and he feels bad I drove an hour and it’s raining. I told him it’s okay, I came specifically for this spot 🙂 So we pay and drive in, pass the nature trails, lots of side parking and boardwalk entrances before getting to the main parking lot.

We walked some of the boardwalk then turned off to exit and do the nature trail first. By the time we finished that and were back walking the boardwalk to the ocean it was just drizzling. The water was warm and a clear jade color. I made a video under water and you can see me perfectly. The rain was wonderful but slowly died down. We had so much fun and because it wasn’t cold/windy I wasn’t in any rush to leave at any point. When we got out of the water we walked along the jetty (still unsure why it’s called that) but, it was beautiful- I finally got to see the Inlet part of Ponce Inlet. The park is closing at 9 PM right now btw. We made it out with probably 3 minutes to spare (:


Things the park offers:

  • swimming
  • nature trail
  • pavilion rentals
  • grills
  • picnic tables
  • bathrooms
  • showers
  • fishing
  • surfing


Absolutely ! There is a long winding boardwalk where it connects to all parking areas: pavilions, the trail, beach, and jetty. Even the trail isn’t too bad !



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