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St. Augustine Lighthouse & Museum

This was a spur of the moment plan, I had a doctor appointment in St. Augustine and checked Tripadvisor for places we could go that weren’t going to be too pricey and the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum turned out not to be a bad idea ! If you click that link it takes you to the lighthouse website coupon page 🙂 I did the code option and bought them online ahead of time.

There was a huge rain storm that kept us in the museum for a good half hour and my son didn’t want to go up the lighthouse so I was able to get a raincheck ticket thankfully, I’m going to try getting him to go up the next time.

There is a small, cute playground with a pirate ship theme. He liked that a lot of course. Next to the playground there is a picnic table- all of which are near the gift shop/entrance. There was even a cart that sold ice cold beer (and wine I think), sodas too haha. Across from the playground is the nature trail, he went around that many times and we got off the trail on accident because it’s not very obvious in some areas. The trail isn’t long but I do like that it’s there, my son is allllllllways looking for a trail which can be really funny sometimes when he is walking along bushes looking for one :’).

The museum was the highlight of our trip and I’m not one that’s typically into those things but it was really pretty inside. The first floor of the museum was mostly dedicated to some treasure hunt type of thing, there were tablets and trays on the table. I played around with it in between chasing my kiddo up and down the winding stair case but didn’t get to read about it.

The lower level was really, that’s where all of the pictures above were taken !


Overall, to enjoy the focal points of this location I would say it isn’t accessible for someone in a wheel chair. If they are needing assistance then the museum is an option: there are steps but not too many that it would be exhausting and there are handrails as well. The lighthouse has handrails so if you’re up for the challenge or just want to go midway, who’s to stop ya ? 😛

The only paved parts are the sidewalks leading to the steps and a boat area that doesn’t look totally finished being built yet.


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