Rice Creek Conservation Area



We have been here twice, more recently we went to Rice Creek Conservation Area a few weeks ago on a day when it wasn’t raining in Palatka too bad. I could definitely tell that it had been though because we had to take off our shoes ( I did at least. He has hiking sandals lol he just doesn’t like to walk in water with shoes on…even in water shoes) to walk through a stretch of the field that leads to the trailhead and hiker sign -in sheet.

This is part of the FT ! I love getting to hike bits and pieces of it 🙂 and many places will have fun/challenging areas that my son sees more as fun than challenging and makes the hike even more enjoyable for him. This area has many boardwalks: short ones and long skinny ones, and an old railroad trestle !

The first time we went to the left when we got to the sign-in sheet, this time we went to the right.

I wanted to see the old railroad trestle this time and it’d didn’t take long before we found it. There were a ton of mosquitos out, all the standing rainwater isn’t going to help with that either, but we sprayed ourselves with bug spray and ignored them the best we could 🙂 We crossed 1 or 2 short boardwalks and then probably 1/3 mile down the trail lead us to the road. We’d never had to cross roads for trails before but I see FT signs marking their entrances all the time when I drive through Ocala National Forest so I got really excited. We crossed the road and then had to cross a longer slim boardwalk with a sign saying “Lindsay Dock” on it. An orange arrow then pointed to the left where we saw the railroad trestle and a huge body of water under it and surrounding the lower forest areas. When it rains it pours….that’s Florida.

We crossed it;  my son wasn’t scared or anything haha he could have crossed it 6 times in the time it took me to cross it once :’) We didn’t up walking too much further after we got off the railroad trestle because it was a clear shot of flat land….and mosquitos. There is a small concrete area that can be used to park on the side of that road for direct access to the Lindsay Dock area instead of parking in the Rice Creek Conservation Area parking lot and walking a country mile to the trailhead. Just keep an eye out for the FT sign and it won’t be too far from there.

If you go right at the trailhead you’ll be taken towards a camp shelter (I really want to get to that one day), and a very long slender boardwalk that I also didn’t make it to the first time we went. Winter hours are hard to work with, I’m lovin’ these late nights !



Things available here:

  • hiking
  • equestrian trails
  • bike trails
  • FT trail
  • Camp shelter
  • Primitive camping
  • hunting

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