River Bend Nature Park


River Bend Nature Park is located in Ormond and situated along the Tomoka river. It’s a small park but has the necessary things needed to be able to enjoy an hour or two. Very serene and the 3 times we have been only a few other people were there, this last time was our first time seeing other kids. I always want to paddle board on the river but when we go it’s windy so I haven’t been able to do that yet. The trail is an easy one with exercise stations scattered along it as well as a few benches here and there. There are a couple docks and a place where you could launch a kayak/canoe. This park is fairly close to Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park as well as Tomoka State Park.

Things offered at the park:

  • kayak launch
  • trail
  • bathroom
  • grills
  • picnic tables
  • fishing docks
  • exercise stations
  • playground


There are no sidewalks but I would say that the trail is accessible because it is very flat. The handicap parking is located near the bathrooms as well.


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