Solar eclipse at Silver Glen Springs

We went to Silver Glen Springs for the solar eclipse. There was an on and off overcast so we didn’t get a good view but we had fun and did see a little with the solar eclipse glasses. I am beyond excited about him learning to swim !! I keep saying it’s more exciting than when he started walking haha. I didn’t know he was even opening his eyes underwater until I saw with my goggles, I don’t think I was brave enough to do that for a while after I had already learned to swim so that’s really cool. He’s an awesome kid 😀 he won’t be able to swim for a few weeks though because of the surgery.

In recent times (:

A few events have taken place this month and it has made August pretty hectic, I’m proud of us both and thankful for the support I have… especially proud of my son since he’s directly effected I’m just there to try to comfort and make things as easy for him as I can. I don’t always understand if he understands what Im explaining but I still make a point to do so.
He started kindergarten this year ! Everything is new: school, teacher, he has to wear uniforms, no naps, new school times. He’s had all good days and I am so so excited to see what this year brings. He’s in a classroom specific for kids with autism (:

He had surgery yesterday, an adenoidectomy. He handled that like a champ ❤ they let me go into the operating room to be there when they gave him the anesthesia which I was really grateful for. Also really grateful that my mom helped me/was able to to help from another city when I locked my keys in my car once we got there.

He woke up after 3 hours and started drinking right away and had a couple waffle fries too….who can’t resist waffle fries ?!?

Green Springs Park

We have been to Green Springs Park several times but this was the first time we’d come and seen anyone in the spring and that’s likely because 1) we have only gone in the cooler months and 2) you’re not allowed to swim in this spring. There were so many people jumping in and my son, being the adventurer that he is, as soon as he saw them immediately wanted to strip down to his underwear and climb the tree with them to jump in. I didn’t come prepared for illegal swim activities sadly but maybe next time 😛

This is a beautiful park located in Enterprise (Debary area), definitely recommend giving it a visit ! The spring has a gross smell if you’re close enough i’ll be honest but that is because it is a sulfur spring. It is so well kept and clean, always quiet when we have gone and not crowded. It’s also very shaded !

Things at Green Springs:

  • Playground
  • paved trails
  • picnic pavillions
  • scenic lookouts
  • nature trail
  • bathrooms
  • Trailhead for the Spring to Spring trail
  • Trailhead for the East Regional Rail Trail
  • Near Lake Monroe
  • History plaques


This park has paved trails throughout so accessibility is not an issue at all and bicyclists stay on the  blacktop area so you don’t have to worry about people speeding past you…unless you’re trying to race on purpose or something.

Sunrise Park and paddle boarding


We have been going to parks like crazy lately, due to the rain making the beach water gross and rough, and also he is so in love with this scooter that a parent at his therapy office gave him because her son had two of them. I have noticed that he uses it to stem (self regulate when things become too hard to handle) and will calm himself down by riding it as well.

Volusia County has many awesome parks ! And I have several to catch up on posting about but, the most recent was Sunrise Park….. ironically we went at sunset.

I loved this park, and so did the little one. It had so many great obstacles which I have noticed he is really taking an interest in lately. He likes to use one hand at a time with tasks and in OT therapy she is working on getting him to to use both at the same time (bilateral integration). An example would be like when he’s eating he will leave one hand by his side rather than using it to hold the plate while using his other hand to eat. While he is climbing he has to use both hands 🙂


The park is situated along the Halifax River so there are several places to fish and a boat launch as well. Luckily I had my paddle board in the trunk of our car and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take it out despite us both not having swim clothes or towels. While we were out on the water we passed a boat and some guy yelled “lets race!” lol. We also saw dolphins, I tried to paddle over to them but they were already to the other side of the river once I made it to where they had been. It was gorgeous out, the river has been on my list of places to paddle because lots of places we go have launch sites for the river but it’s just never happened.

Things to do/what’s at the park:

  • Fish
  • boat launch
  • playground
  • restrooms
  • across the street is a shop with ice cream
  • picnic tables
  • water fountains


Yes! Absolutely 😀 There is a sidewalk  going around the playground and a boardwalk bridge that leads to another parking lot where the boat launch is as well as a fishing pier.

Blue Sink and a stop along the way


This past weekend we went to Blue Sink and on the way there we stopped at Barberville Roadside Emporium !

Every time we pass this place (which is every time we go to Ocala National Forest, so a lot) I hear little man in the back whine and when I check he is looking that way. So I finally stopped and I am really glad that I did 🙂 This place has so many neat things to look at ! If you are artsy at all…or have a yard and lots of money to spend on iron sculptures of bulls or terracotta mermaids then you’ll love walking through here. Almost as soon as we walked under the giraffe into the emporium it began to pour rain, luckily there are many areas where everything is under a tent so we had the benefit of looking around and staying dry. We ran to a shed initially but I realized the rain wasn’t slowing so I pointed to one of the tent covered areas and we made a run for it. My son does this really cute thing when it’s raining, he will try to pull the bottom of his shorts up when he walks so they don’t get wet haha. He hasn’t always done that so I’m not sure what made him start but it is adorable, a few others have commented on it when we’ve been out as well. The first tent we ran under was all terracotta figures: mermaids, dogs, cats, horses etc. And the second tent we went to was mostly filled with things made of wood: sculptures, dining sets, tables, drawers, bowls, chairs etc. there were also a lot of cool vintage looking signs. After a while it stopped raining and we splashed through the puddles as we continued walking around. We didn’t get to where the fresh produce, raw honey, roasted and boiled peanuts are but I want to go back at night when it’s lit up so I may look then.


Blue sink definitely has left me with nothing but a desire to go back. Google maps directions were off but once we found the forest road to turn onto off of the main road it wasn’t too hard to follow. The dirt roads are a whole lot more soft than those going to Freak Creek so I was a bit on edge regarding that seeing as how I don’t have four wheel drive or a car remotely made for that haha. This whole area is for OHV (off highway vehicles) anyway, Blue Sink or Blue Sink OHV Corral is also a trailhead for the Ocala Centennial Trail. The first thing I noticed was that there is a bear-proof trash can here unlike at Freak Creek/Bluff Landing. It was full but people had brought trash bags at least and had their cans in those rather than scattered all over 🙂 The second thing I noticed was that the water was actually blue, reminded me a lot of Blue Springs State Park just more murky although as you can see from the picture it was still relatively clear. It just looked absolutely gorgeous ! There isn’t a lot of information about this spot sadly, I want to know where this water is coming from and what it looks like below but the only thing I have found is that it is a confirmed sinkhole. There are steps/platforms where people had their coolers setup, and there are some areas that look nice to set up a tent at so camping could easily be done here if you want a free spot. There is a campground though called Big Scrub nearby, not sure on the exact distance but people that ride the OHV trails camp there and it has all the amenities you wouldn’t get camping out right by the sink. The water wasn’t cold at all which I kind of expected it to be but didn’t mind that it wasn’t. The shallow part does drop off but there’s enough distance from the shore before it does that kids can play and swim. There are fallen trees that are out there floating and those were a lot of fun to play on, I got bruised up a bit too from them. As with 99% of my experiences out there I met some really friendly people annnnnd I saw my first bear 😀 a lil’ bear cub. It came down to drink some water then left, I can’t believe it’s taken 8 years to have seen one but I was so excited that I finally did. My son had so much fun and was practicing swimming the whole time, his eyes looked like they had weights attached to the eyelids he was so sleepy ! We will for sure be going back.

Things you can do here:

  • Scuba dive
  • Swim
  • OHV trail riding
  • Camp
  • Fish
  • ATV
  • Dirt Bike
  • It’s free but with no amenities.