Month: August 2017

We went to Silver Glen Springs for the solar eclipse. There was an on and off overcast so we didn’t get a good view but we had fun and did see a little with the solar eclipse glasses. I am beyond excited about him learning to swim !! I keep saying it’s more exciting than […]

A few events have taken place this month and it has made August pretty hectic, I’m proud of us both and thankful for the support I have… especially proud of my son since he’s directly effected I’m just there to try to comfort and make things as easy for him as I can. I don’t […]

We have been to Green Springs Park several times but this was the first time we’d come and seen anyone in the spring and that’s likely because 1) we have only gone in the cooler months and 2) you’re not allowed to swim in this spring. There were so many people jumping in and my […]

  We have been going to parks like crazy lately, due to the rain making the beach water gross and rough, and also he is so in love with this scooter that a parent at his therapy office gave him because her son had two of them. I have noticed that he uses it to […]

  We fed this cute little squirrel at Alexander Springs Recreation Area. I made an attempt to have it eat the snack out of my hand like a pet but wild things can’t be tamed…it scratched me and snatched the snack right out of my hand haha.

  This past weekend we went to Blue Sink and on the way there we stopped at Barberville Roadside Emporium ! Every time we pass this place (which is every time we go to Ocala National Forest, so a lot) I hear little man in the back whine and when I check he is looking […]