Osceola State Forest rest area/Fanny Bay Trail

Our second, maybe third rest stop leaving FL was one that was in Osceola State Forest. I thought that was awesome in itself, but when I saw there was a trail I got even more stoked ! Of course we walked it… it was very flat and lead to a long boardwalk that covers a swamp area. Which was the idea from the plaques that were there, it was showcasing FL swamps lol.

Wildlife sightings were as followed:

Alligators 0 | Yellow Flies 1,989,899|Turtles 1 |Butterflies 16+


At another rest area stop, this one being in georgia, a church group had a grill going with tons of snacks, drinks, and hotdogs along with a sign supporting Florida evacuees. They had one of his top favorite sweet snacks – oatmeal creme pies and he was not shy or slow about grabbing one 😛 It was super sweet to see people do something like that but also brought on a realization that I was getting away from serious danger or the possibility of serious danger. I knew i’d be coming back to the same things everyone else was in a few days but my optimism and sense for adventure kept me excited for the new experiences I had an excuse to pursue.

(Luckily, it was not so bad where I am. Power was lost for 5 days- same as with Matthew. nearby areas got some pretty bad damage due to wind, power lines, and some flooding. But overall it was definitely manageable, even if it wasn’t enjoyable.)

Left to Georgia during Hurricane Irma

Last year, for hurricane Mathew, we sat it out but after much deliberation I last minute made a final decision to head to Georgia. I also left with a goal in mind…basically engraved and I was dead set on it. I wanted to see a waterfall.

I truly think all my best decisions are decided last minute (:

This was our longest drive yet so I foresaw many stops along the way – both planned and unplanned. I didn’t rush by any means and I think we both really were able to enjoy the trip there just as much as our stay. Traffic wasn’t bad. Linemen were going the opposite direction in a steady stream and Florida license plates filled the highway on our side with other evacuees.

I had a semi-ish made very vague but helpful plan. I was going to stay in GA one night and camp at the campsite we stayed at then go to AL and camp in Talladega National Forest and/or Cheaha State Park. We ended up staying in GA the whole time, which I’m fine with.. keeping up with Irma was a chore while we were in FL and not something I wanted to spend too much time on when we left. When I heard it was going west through AL I decided to stay put, but then it shifted again at some point haha. A few of my next posts will be about our mini trip and where we went and what we saw (: I recommend the place we camped at 100% ! Especially if you have a kid(s) and even if you don’t !