Loblolly Woods Nature Park


Loblolly Woods Nature Park is without a doubt a great place to go to if you are wanting to find shark teeth. It is the reason we went and I was able to find several ! I found out about this place and that there were shark teeth there through someone else’s post on a nature app called “Yonder” so I had this spot in the back of my head to visit for a while. All I did to find the shark teeth was grab a handful of the sand/rocks/shells closer to the edge of the creek and sift through while letting the current of the creek wash away small debris as i did. We’d actually brought something to sift with but I forgot it in the car, if you can bring something it would be helpful.

There’s a little parking lot so I don’t imagine you would ever see a too many people there at once, we did pass a few while we were there 🙂 One of them definitely heard me talking to the mosquitos about my extreme distaste for them.

The ‘main attraction’ is hogtown creek, it is Gainesville’s longest creek and runs through several parks. Possum creek can also be found there.


Things at this park:

  • trails
  • restroom
  • bathroom
  • waterfountain
  • boardwalk trails


The website for the city of Gainesville says that it is accessible, I am going to assume that is referring to the boardwalk areas. Overall I think that the trails couldn’t be considered accessible because there are a lot of roots. There isn’t any special implementation to help those that need it get closer access to the creek but there are benches nearby. So some of the park is, but not not all of it 🙂


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