Wekiwa Springs State Park

I know it is redundant to say that the spring is gorgeous…but it is what it is. And words will never capture what it’s like being there in these places marveling at how something so real feels so unreal. There is a huge disconnect between people and nature, this is where we originated…this is where we come from. Not our iphones, not stores full of things we want but don’t need, nor jobs where you are putting in so much time for currency you have no time left for family or friends..or yourself, not material things in general- they do not amount to anything. They just don’t. When something like, i’ll use recent major real-life events, hurricanes can completely wipe out everything people have put so much value on because they have used up so much of their valuable time acquiring those things – I can only imagine that feeling of ‘loss’ they might have. And so while I know many people will start over and rebuild, wanting to look at that as an ideal vision of strength after a catastrophic disaster I truly hope that at least a few others will realize the beauty in simplifying and caring for basic needs while giving more of their valuable time to invaluable things like loved ones and sharing experiences with them. Traveling isn’t expensive- it’s the life you live at home that’s expensive. Trust me.

With that being said – this spring is gorgeous- not my #1 (which just changed) but well worth the drive !  Wekiwa Springs State Park is located in Apopka, FL and is near Kelly Park Rock Springs. Please check them both out if you’re in that area, if you trust my advice and have to pick only one then go with Kelly Park if you’re less adventurous or are looking for something more laid back/fun and Wekiwa Springs State Park if you’re going to want to paddle or hike.
I think I’m going to switch it up and talk about the four-mile hike we did (!!!!) since we’ve been out of hiking season for so long. We started going down the pond trail and I can’t say for sure but I think we stayed on that trail the whole time lol I left the map back at the spring while we hiked…natural born survivalist over here ;P The trails there are so beautiful and surprisingly scenic. Some areas are sandhill where you see a lot of low growing plant life and other sections were more forested- which is where we saw a group of deer. There is a little creek with a miniature waterfall right now that’s flowing good (video on our Instagram)and going over it is a short bridge. We went a little past that to where the trails come to an intersection and that’s where we turned around and backtracked. I tried to make it off the trail before dark but we are very leisurely life-enjoying people so we had about a 15 min. hike in the dark. Then trying to find the car in the dark, HA ! Oh my gosh. hahaha. That was in tents. The man working the canoe/kayak rental station wasn’t lying when he said the parking lot went the whole length of the park.

Rewind to the spring itself: there’s a roped off shallow area, it’s cold, super clear, little fish swimming around, the spring boils are really powerful and slippery so I kept sliding when I tried getting a look, and the spring run for paddling looks insane ! As in insanely beautiful… I want to paddle that area so badly ! I just have to make a real effort to get out early now so we actually have time to paddle with the sun setting at 7PM vs. 8:30-9PM.

Things to do here:

  • hiking
  • equestrian trail & hiking
  • camping (some campsites are down the run and you have to paddle to them !)
  • swimming & snorkeling
  • concession
  • picnic tables & pavilions
  • playground
  • canoe


Wekiwa Springs has A LOT of steps. I don’t recall going by any ramps that lead to the spring area from the parking lot. However, there are steps with rails, a ramp near the shallow area, and a ledge going around the entire spring enclosure. The website says there is an accessible trail, Unless it’s talking about the short bridge going over the spring I did not see it – doesn’t mean that it’s not there- I just can’t give any opinion (: Depending on your ability yes the park is accessible.


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