Rainbow Springs State Park

This is my new favorite spring* and I know the little one absolutely adored it too so who is to say it isn’t his favorite as well ?! I hope one day he’ll be able to tell me and I can find out (:

Rainbow Springs State Park located in Dunnellon, FL – I’ve heard nothing but good things said about it from anyone I’ve ever talked to and it’s probably the most popular as well…tied with Blue Springs State Park maybe.  However, I had been on the fence about going since finding out that the waterfalls were man-made… That was lame of me- those waterfalls looked like a fairytale how they were all set up ! I loved them and of course after running up and down the ramps seeing them all he found a little waterfall to float leaves down lol. He gets so taken by things like that and can do them for hours;that’s usually the perfect moment for me to take advantage and try getting him to say a few words in exchange for rocks or acorns I might have gathered up for him to throw in the water.

The waterfall trail will show you around 3 waterfalls. Then the path leads on up to the butterfly garden, old zoo cages and a trail that is 2.5 miles long; we didn’t go by the butterfly garden or down the hiking trail but we did walk down and see the old zoo cage exhibits… a little bit eerie but very cool nonetheless. We were the last ones out (not that it was busy that day) so we took our time and just wandered around the waterfalls and down a short boardwalk nearby before leaving. Lyric really had such a great time and I love seeing that so much ❤ his laugh is contagious.

The 5 hours prior to that…..all spent at the brightest and bluest spring I have seen thus far** ! You can watch a video of him jumping in…which he did probably over a hundred times lol here <- Such an oasis. I had my paddle board with me ( I have since also taken that out on the water, missed it for sure ! ) unfortunately there isn’t parking near the springhead and there was no way I was up for lugging that from the parking lot to the spring… definitely a longer walk in, kinda looks like you’re walking up to a zoo 🙂

* I have since been to another spring and decided I can’t have a favorite. I am addicted and they’re all great.

**I would say this still tops at #1 in my opinion.

Things to do/that are offered at Rainbow Springs:

  • snorkel
  • hike
  • tubing (separate 2nd entrance)
  • camping (separate 3rd entrance)
  • swimming
  • canoe/kayak (rent as well)
  • picnic tables
  • rent pavillions
  • concession
  • nature center
  • gardens


You can’t ask for a more accessible spring in my opinion..seriously ! Wow. I was looking around and being the person I am wanted to see some nature/dirt trails… but of course those that are looking for the opposite will find it here and I am so happy to say that ! It was all either concrete or brick on the paths around the park, and there is a lift at the headspring like the one at DeLeon Springs State Park as well.


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