Primitive camping at Trout Pond 

Trout Pond is also known as Trout Lake where there are two designated dispersed campsites available. As with many of the outings I post here (hate to say it, but I do not post every place we go to. We just get out too much…I encourage you to follow our Instagram both because we’re entertaining and because it’s constantly updated) this bit of paradise is located in Ocala National Forest.  These are primitive sites with zero amenities (no picnic tables, water, fire rings, bathrooms, electric or trash cans.) We have primitive camped before at Freak Creek so I wasn’t intimidated… even if I had been i’d have muscled through because uh… look at that view !!! ^^^

The road in wasn’t even bad (there’s a gorgeous clear lake I haven’t posted anything about because you’re guaranteed to get stuck since the sand is so soft. Three people did while we were there including us…luckily we got pulled out. A few pictures from the lake are on my IG- just an example !) there are a few paths to the lake, one of which had softer sand so I avoided that one driving in. On the way out I goofed and accidentally took that path out and we got stuck again ! The amount of luck I had to have been in the path of a man who was super stoked to use his new 4 wheel drive truck that his wife got him to help us out can’t be matched. I mean, primitive camping is an inconvenience not everyone can appreciate so there is a great chance you will experience solitude…which we did…so I don’t know what the outcome might have looked like if that nice man hadn’t been driving in.

While we were there it rained so I got to enjoy camping in the rain for the first time-  the tent held up despite not having put any sealant on the seams. It was also the first time I actually bought wood for a fire and that was really nice ! I knew with the time change and temp drop a lantern wasn’t going to cut it.  There are several spots where others have had fires- I suggest picking one of those instead of making a new one. I also suggest bringing a trash bag for your trash and then also taking it with you when you leave 😛 in short- “pack in, pack out.” You can see Lyric’s campfire gaze below lmao.

The lake is a pretty good size and I got my board out for a bit, he didn’t like when the water got darker so we stayed close to the shore. It was so sunny and perfect out ! I cannot wait to go back…we definitely will be. A family came during the day after our night of camping to fish and said that they catch a lot out there so if you are into that sorta thing this might be a nice new spot for you (:

He loves camping so much ! He was so dirty it was adorable :’) there’s a big area with all soft sand and I just let him do his thing and have at it. All-in-all, I give this spot my complete approval ;P if you aren’t high maintenance and enjoy going to sleep and waking up to a beautiful view and quiet (unless we are there haha) then you’ve got to visit this place. I’m glad i’m able to offer more insight because there is so little visual information to go off of… I feel like my pictures are convincing enough 🙂 I went by another lake with Lyric one night to hang out and “scout ahead” as a possible campsite but it was terrible. Beautiful without a doubt… but not a place from what I saw for tent camping and the whole driving area is confusing. Thus ! I have not written about that one either but again, pictures are on my instagram !


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