Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

The above pictures are from the first time Lyric and I went 😀 Thinking back, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is likely what lead me to discovering that Florida has so many outdoors opportunities…I got a little taste and clearly had to have more 😛 I spent a lot of time in the mountains and doing all kinds of things when I was younger growing up in Colorado: mountain boarding, white water rafting, rock climbing, camping, ziplining in the mountains, hiking, canoeing etc. and like majority of the people that come from that environment into this one it can be hard to find that kind of activity in a totally different place. It took me a long long time to explore Florida’s outdoors but I haven’t stopped ever since 🙂

The park is located on either side of A1A, one entrance having beach access (last time I passed it was closed due to damage from hurricane Irma) and the other is the main park entrance on the Matanzas river side. The beach side portion is not an ideal swimming location due to the coquina rocks that line the shore (see example of possible damage that could occur here.) but it is very pretty and fun to explore the rocks, you might even come across a starfish !  We have spent Mother’s Day here once…maybe twice and have come back many times because this park is so serene and there is so much to look at and keep little man on the move. Every time we come people are doing photo shoots throughout the garden…I can’t blame them either.

Things offered/to do at this park:

  • Kayak
  • fish
  • picnic
  • explore the garden
  • playground
  • bathrooms
  • hike
  • gift shop
  • visitors center
  • beach access
  • biking


Definitely is an accessible Florida State Park, I made an effort to get a few shots while I was there this last time (: The picnic area where the playground is located even has an extended sidewalk that leads right up to one of the picnic tables ! The garden is accessible and even the trails within the park are flat… I have walked barefoot countless times through the trail (Bella Vista it might be named) to give an idea of the terrain.


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