Hidden Waters Preserve 

Hidden Waters Preserve is another one I have known about for a while and have been putting off going to for no good reason despite the fact I REALLY wanted to go explore and see what it was all about. But the day we went the weather was perfect, I was overdressed expecting it to be chilly out (yes, silly me lol) but the sun was out and it was breezy to counter it. Days like that i’m glad we end up going places when we do… Some of the trails are in the open but only a small portion out of the red and blue blazed that we hiked on. Most of the trail is shaded, very hilly, and even in the winter full of lively green plants.

I knew from pictures that the preserve looked like it was going to be fun but when we got to the sinkhole and ravine it’s so much prettier in person. I couldn’t believe that something so extensive and pristine was…hidden, heh… within this free preserve.

We have seen many sinkholes but it can be hard to really grasp the nature of them when they are both extremely wide and deep. This sinkhole however was not as wide as many that we’ve seen making the drop off very apparent; it was really an awesome sight. The ravine has such a heavy flow you can hear it before you see it. You can see that the ravine continues down quite far and that there has been a trail made due to foot traffic right next to it going off of the main trail. We walked along and Lyric sat at the edge of the ravine throwing leaves into the stream and watching them float down, he did that at Wekiwa Springs State Park too and spent a good bit of time doing it while we were at Hidden Waters Preserve. You can watch a video (or three that I took walking along the sinkhole and showing the ravine as well here).

No pets are allowed but, due to the hilly terrain that’s uncharacteristic to central Florida anyone that is looking to get a more challenging walk, hike or run would benefit from giving this preserve a look.

As I said, the weather was great and I was feeling a nice burn from the inclines so we went to Kelly Park Rock Springs after which is 30 minutes away rounded up, really was a beautiful Saturday.


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