Moses Creek Conservation Area

Moses Creek Conservation Area is Located in St. Augustine, FL. This has been on my radar for quite some time and Saturday was a toss between here and exploring somewhere more South. I wanted to switch it up and finally give this area a visit. There are two trailheads for this conservation area: the West Trailhead and East Trailhead – if you are wanting to get to the observation point or the designated camping sites you’ll want to start at the East Trailhead. Currently there are no pamphlets at either of them so I’d print out or take a picture of the trail map. Following the white diamond blazed trail is very straightforward but definitely, if you’re like us and think you’ll want to wander off it’s not a bad idea. Along the white trail towards the observation point we detoured and made a right onto the trail heading for the camp site, shortly after we made another detour along that trail, making another right onto the mountain bike trail. I will never turn down a hike on a mountain bike trail…they’re so much fun, usually with various boarded crossings, large tree roots, all kinds of man-made obstacles as well as natural obstacles unremoved by man. The mountain bike trail lead us midway between the parking area and where we made the first detour, so we ended up back on the white trail and continued toward the observation point. I’d like to say we didn’t wander off the trail again but we did… Lyric found an opening in a fence that surrounded a small field which I believe lead to one of roads surrounding the area. Maybe a boundary between the house/private property that was next to it and the rest of the conservation area ? I didn’t see any ‘No Trespassing’ signs. Because of our detours I was getting nervous that we might have to turn back due to the sun setting before we got to the observation point or that the trail might not actually be going in that direction…

Ultimately that little field was probably 8 minutes from the observation point and it all worked out. The view was so surreal. I didn’t expect it at all, the pictures uploaded onto Google maps last time i’d looked it up created the idea that the creek would be similar to the one at Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park….so I expected it to be very leveled. But when we got there I was able to see in person that the creek had cut its way down making a cliffs edge; nature is so remarkable ! I couldn’t (still can’t) believe something like this is in the middle of St. Augustine. This is why I have my blog, well one of the reasons… I imagine the vast majority of people that pass those trailheads on their daily commute don’t know something like this is within walking distance. There’s a perfectly placed picnic table so you get this gorgeous view overlooking the creek. The hike going back (which included zero straying off)the parking lot took us 35 minutes or so and in total we were out hiking for 2 hours I’d say. Some parts of the trails are muddy right now, we wore rain boots (:

To see a video of the view you’d reward yourself with at sunset and like/follow our Facebook click here

At this conservation area you’ll find:

  • mountain bike trails
  • hiking trails
  • horseback riding trails
  • primitive campsites
  • observation point w/picnic table
  • port-a-potty at the East trailhead
  • a dock at the observation point

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