Trout Lake Nature Center & a park stop Pt. 1

Trout Lake Nature Center is located in Eustis, FL., another great place to get out in nature that the whole family will enjoy. I originally wanted to make this a combination trip with Hidden Waters Preserve  because they aren’t too far from each other. So that might be something to look into if you’re not tight on time and are feeling extra “hikey” that day. I like how both trips went on their separate occasions.

I was way too excited when we finally got there as I had been wanting to go for several months now and when we drove in I could see the two buildings and two animal enclosures so I knew there was going to be the added bonus of animals to look at on top of trails to explore.

We went into the museum first and walked around. It is so freaking awesome the way he is copying words right now ❤ just constantly. And he is obsessed with Go Diego Go (those that follow our instagram know that) so he saw a few animals in there that he’d seen on the show and went right up to them. I said what the animal was, pointed to things like the bear’s teeth and he copied. He really liked the fish tanks (we have one of our own) in both buildings too.

In the animal enclosures were turtles, sliding turtles I believe she said. The woman that owns it was super nice ! I saw her standing outside the education center when we drove in so she definitely makes an effort to talk and greet people that are visiting. There is also a basket full of bug spray cans outside that building which is incredibly thoughtful haha. There were plenty of brochures on other outdoor locations in the county as well within the education center and they had a great supply of maps too 🙂

After the museum and education center we went for the trails. As if I couldn’t be any more excited than I already was… they had so many boardwalks and different types ! I love those so much and they make hiking with kids an enjoyable/fun experience. Lyric really enjoys them too and will usually take off for them when he sees them in sight. One of those leads to the lake (:

Here is a video of one boardwalk:

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As with a lot of my posts right now describing our trail experience, rain boots were needed for some of the trails so we went back to the car to get those bad boys on. However, there were dry trails at the time as well. This was two weeks ago.

Things at Trout Lake Nature Center:

  • museum
  • education center
  • bathrooms
  • water fountains
  • several trails
  • several fun boardwalks
  • animal exhibits


The trails are not too bad, they are flat and I didn’t notice any rough roots or major obstacles…some do flood however and you can’t reach the boardwalks without walking through one of the many trails ( all short) and some I noticed with benches midway. The buildings are accessible and the park we went to after is as well !

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