Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs is located in High Springs, FL.,  and while I usually save the accessibility aspect for last I have to give props where it’s due and it is definitely due here. This is a highly accessible location if you and/or your family want to get out in North Florida and enjoy gorgeous springs please add this to the top of your list. It’s something that stood out before I even finished checking in and as I was being told the brief rundown by two nice people that work inside the store they were telling me how all the springs within their facility all have the same accessibility!

We got around to see 3 out of I believe 5 total springs there. Each spring head has a parking lot which is very nice and convenient or you can walk to them and they all have decks with stairs too.  I have heard so much, and I mean SO MUCH about this being the party spot for college kids so this is why it’s taken us so long to make it out there despite the appeal of 5 crystal clear springs and a tube run. Being a single parent those things are something I have to consider and it wasn’t worth the drive in the summer not really knowing what I was getting myself into, I’m young but I don’t like the party scene where alcohol is involved lol. There was no one out swimming when we went, however I did see some tents which is more surprising because of the the lovely rainfall that day and the flooding in some areas of the woods out there. Ultimately we witnessed 0 partying, but I can see why this privately owned spot would be THE SPOT for it in the summer.

When we went it was a super rainy day which i’d expected to some extent but it didn’t stop the whole time lol. We still had a lot of fun it just means I got less pictures and we left a bit sooner because I was paranoid about my car, of which I am on the market for a newer one so minor things like rain won’t be an issue in the future I hope 🙂

We had to change into our swimsuits but as you can see I anticipated the rain and brought raincoats to cover up our backpacks with. He was so anxious to get  out there and go swimming and he looked so adorable with his green raincoat and huge hump on his back like a turtle haha. Oh yeah and even the bathrooms were nice so I got a picture of that too! I love going in the winter months, I feel like I could and maybe even should do a blog post on just that. The water felt warm in comparison to the outside temp which I want to say was in the upper 60’s that day. He of course jumped fully in and when i started down the steps my upper half was way colder than my lower so at that point I had to get in or choose to suffer 😛 and there’s no reason for all of that haha so I dove in. You can see from my pictures there was an overcast which really doesn’t give you the true effect of the water’s appearance but I opened my eyes when I was swimming and could see the bright blue spring without any goggles and if you look at where Lyric is standing on the steps you can see the clarity of the water and it’s just like that throughout.

I want to go back, we were actually just down the road the weekend after that but went to a different spring. The price is more expensive so I would say camp or go early so you have time to get around and get your money’s worth because it is absolutely worth it. Especially if you’re camping and want to visit any of the other springs in a 20 minute radius. Or if you want to stay there because there’s plenty to do and we all know camping can keep you busy.

Things to do/offered:

  • camp
  • tube run
  • swim
  • dive
  • snorkel
  • playground
  • picnic tables
  • pavilions
  • grills
  • tube rental
  • camp store/dive center (resembles a ski lodge)
  • boat ramp
  • air station for your inflatables
  • volleyball courts
  • laundry
  • more listed on their site, link can be found in the first two words of this post!



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