Smooth Waters Wildlife Park w/link to Groupon!

Smooth Waters Wildlife Park is located in DeLeon Springs, FL., and the groupon deal we used for this great little park can be found here !

We had a pretty good time here 🙂 It was only $12 for 3 entries, which was one of the groupon deals and there is another deal for 4 entries as well. There’s a short nature trail that starts by the parking area then leads to that marshy field you see in the middle picture.

There are LOTS of cute baby alligators ❤ and inside one of the exhibits is a chicken that the owner says his kids named Heihei from the movie Moana. At first I definitely thought he was in there as food haha. Lyric really liked the chicken but I think he stuck his finger in one of the holes and the chicken got too close because he wasn’t too interested after that.

We both liked the turtles (hes says “tortle” it’s super cute) and was told this one likes its head rubbed…so that’s what I did, rubbed its head. And it’s true, he liked it (: Very scaly, I didn’t want anything to be rubbed off  lol so I just rubbed in one direction. There were two turtles in another area having a little battle and two more trying to make some baby ‘tortles’…if you know what I mean. Lol.

There were a few other reptiles I can’t recall the name of and then there were the large crocs and gators! Lyric started to get upset around this time because he wanted to follow the man into the enclosed area where the large gators and crocs are but I was still able to watch him feed that chunky one (: It was pretty cool. The man there was super nice and after he was done with the feeding and talking to the other 2 people that were there he helped get Lyric’s binoculars out of the tree that he threw them up in (story of my life haha).

It is a small place so I recommend having something to do after…I gotcha covered ! The places below are nearby! And yes I do take donations 😉


Yes, this is an accessible place. If you want to go someone after check out the above blog posts. Deleon Springs has a lift at there spring if you’re in need if that kind of accessibility. Lake Woodruff is not, especially after the hurricane…it’s probably still not dried out however, the trails and land is flat and has benches periodically placed.


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