Castillo de San Marcos – U.S National Park

Castillo de San Marcos National Park is located in St. Augustine, FL. I have another post about the lighthouse and museum attraction that is the same area 🙂 St. Augustine has SO much to do, it is highly rated but not at all overrated. Specifically the area of old St. Augustine is what I love ! It’s a small town that has maintained that historic feel: the boutiques, ice cream and candy shops, earthy stores with oxygen bars and crystals, museums, pubs with pirate themes, fountains scattered throughout, trolley rides taking people sightseeing, historic landmarks, brick roads, and sculptures. When we got there I almost instantly wondered why I hadn’t ever just taken him through before on one of our leisurely afternoons…just walking around is so enjoyable. Lyric went for the first water fountain we came across ending up with him walking around with a wet sleeve for a bit haha. He loves water so much, I don’t know if that’s obvious or not 😉 We saw two fountains while we were there but I have read there are more. My favorite was the one with the faces.

We eventually made it to the fort after spending some time walking through the shopping area. The fort gets thousands of visitors I’ve heard and that might explain the extra person standing by the bridge not even 20 ft. from where you pay to get in asking if we had a “ticket” which is really just the receipt lol. I haven’t come across that before but good on them for protecting a historical landmark and making sure everyone has paid before walking through it.

There are many rooms to look at, all with plaques and different setups. I’ll be honest, Lyric was more interested in running room to room (walking is rare for him, that might be my fault lmao… when he was an infant I would play with his legs and say ‘run run run run run’… now that I think about it) than he was in what was inside them. I did see reenactors in the yard located front and center when entering. Something I would like to see are the cannons being fired, that is done on special occasions, however reenactments are done daily 🙂

After walking the outer area we walked over to the visitors center (totally by chance), they did an amazing job in there. Honestly it was like another attraction and Lyric loved the ship…you’re not suppose to go inside but here he is, inside the ship. I remember him also liking the small model ships at Ripley’s as well (also nearby here).

We ended our evening with another park visit, he’d been to this one before several years ago so I knew it was around the area somewhere and it wasn’t at all hard to find. You just exit the visitors center and walk straight through the parking garage. The park is a good size with two areas one for smaller children the other for bigger kids, it’s a little beat but still has a lot for kids to do and the art all over the playground is really cool.


The area is accessible.

I wanted to thank you guys that visit our blog, have followed our social media, given feedback, or even gone out because of something you saw on here. Happy Autism Awareness Month ❤ don’t raise mean kids please, make them aware too. We’re all differen’t – some of us just hide it better than others. Personally, I think it’s a huge weight off the shoulders to not hide it at all.

I just uploaded a sneak peek video on a beautiful place with several waterfalls, swans, bridges, and gardens onto the YouTube channel ! Subscribe for instant updates like that one and click the link to check it out Prone.towander

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