Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens

Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens is located in Williston, FL. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful with several local areas to visit if you have the time as it is down the road from Devil’s Den spring, and  kanapaha botanical gardens. When we got there the first thing I noticed was cow patty’s. COW PATTIES EVERYWHERE as you’re driving in (not where the actual garden and waterfalls are) lmao. And then, we saw some cows ! 😀 they were so cute roaming free, I bet they’re so content with all that land they have to explore… I can only imagine. I still can’t figure out if cows are nice animals or not, they look like it… most farm animals do but then their eyes kind of give you that “one more step and I will charge through your soul” kind of look. Feel free to lay some knowledge on me! After we got out to observe the cows at what I thought was a curious but safe distance we continued the drive to the parking area. I was so excited, I can’t begin to tell you and after two hours I couldn’t wait to go see what was in store.

Side track for a moment, Lyric has taken to digging, I have no idea why but he just likes to do that sometimes. So, he grabbed his shovel from the trunk and I let him… not a big deal..dig away. But when we got inside after I finished paying he wanted me to carry the shovel and I wasn’t up for that so I wanted to go back to our car and drop it off along with my wallet then start off exploring. Something so small turned into something big, quite the showdown. I tried explaining what I was doing, that we weren’t going to leave, we were just going to the car to put things up and then coming right back, ect. He wasn’t getting it or was just set on getting down there to see everything. Hindsight- I could have sat the shovel down somewhere and picked it up after on our way out lmao. Anyway, after tons of crying and time sitting in the car we finally got ourselves together and were able to continue our visit.

I want to share these things because as an onlooker it is 1: easy to think my life is smooth as butter when viewing through a screen and 2: easy to think my life is constantly like that when viewing it in person during that time.

Back to Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens 🙂 there are so many waterfalls, bridges, and ponds. This is all done within a quarry, you are not allowed to swim in it unfortunately. There are swans and huge (HUGE) koi fish..i don’t think i’ve ever seen such big koi fish in my life. The whole place has a Japanese feel, with a dojo looking building at the highest point that is where the owner actually lives (: How incredible to wake up to that view everyday ! After we walked all around and started to head out I saw a trail that lead off into the woods so we parked and walked through there and seeing some more cows, the overcast right before the storm so definitely a sight. I left my phone in the car… I like having my hands free as much as possible but i wish i’d gotten some pictures of that over the cow pasture. I wanted to go to a spring afterward, either Rainbow or Fanning but the storm was pretty relentless so we just headed home. Those would be two more options as Rainbow is in dunnellon and isn’t even an hour away !


Their website warns that it is not accessible.

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