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  Loblolly Woods Nature Park is without a doubt a great place to go to if you are wanting to find shark teeth. It is the reason we went and I was able to find several ! I found out about this place and that there were shark teeth there through someone else’s post on […]

We have always ran into friendly people here. And I have met so many families that have kids on the spectrum while at Matanzas Inlet as well. Not to mention, i’ve gotten some good bits of information here and there too! If I haven’t done a blog post on Matanzas Inlet there will definitely be one! […]

I loveeeeeee it so much !! He says/copies a few words and sounds like the sweetest little kid you’ll ever hear ❤ I know he has it in him to talk and everyone else knows it too. He is so smart ! He knows some signs, as you can see… he did the signs first […]

  I was successful in my waterfall quest ! High Shoals Falls is a free county park located in Dallas, GA. The parking lot is small and holds 5 cars tops. The trailhead starts in the cemetery and when we went the waterfall could be heard from there because it was flowing heavy from rainfall. […]

  After we’d eaten breakfast (which took a bajillion more hours than necessary because fire starting/making is not my thing but I was really set on it for some reason) we washed up and made our way down to the playgrounds ! He loved the little playground that they had there. It was a lot […]

The campground we stayed at is named Little Tallapoosa Park, about an hour give or take from both Atlanta and Alabama, it is a perfect campground for any and everyone going that direction ! Without a doubt I would gladly stay there again and even try to fit it into our travel route if possible. […]

  I had called the campground and reserved a campsite as well as let them know we were going to be coming in after 5:00 PM around 4:00 PM – It was taking us longer than the ETA to arrive and I was tired of sitting in the car even with our trail walk a […]