Ponce Inlet Preserve


We have gone to Ponce Inlet Preserve many many times because it has everything in one area. It is so unexpected and absolutely beautiful, also absolutely free 🙂

I didn’t get pictures of the beach this last time because I was in the water the whole time. Man that water ! It’s like a light jade green, the waves were smooth and as you can see there was an overcast but the water was really warm. Really beautiful afternoon…

There’s a parking lot for the beach area as well as a parking lot in the area where the trails and playground are located if the beach one is full. When we were done with the beach we walked across the road and onto the trails. I love how it’s such a different setting and it’s all set up so nice, if you have kids or even if you don’t this spot is a must see. But, as I was saying, we went down the trails and passed the watch tower so the kiddos could get to the playground ( I won’t even get started on how nice it is) then we walked down the boardwalk. The boardwalk is over a mile total and goes to the Halifax River, it’s always been gorgeous at sunset and the approaching storm clouds were equally as such. By then the kids were pretty worn out, my son is use to walking a lot but hers aren’t so they weren’t really into the boardwalk. The walking distance is something to consider if you park where the trails are and intend to go to the beach from there, we did that our first time because we didn’t know of the other parking lot. I can’t give an estimate on the length of trails because there are several that connect; there are plenty of posted maps around the trails though 😀 I think those were put in after Hurricane Mathew.

Things available at the preserve:

  • swim
  • surf
  • playground
  • picnic tables
  • pavilion
  • boardwalk
  • nature trails
  • watch tower
  • fishing
  • kayak launches (2)
  • bathroom (trail/playground parking lot)
  • water fountains
  • historic tree



The ramp to the beach and the boardwalk are both accessible but, most of trail is very hilly.